Windows 10 is the latest iteration of Microsoft's desktop operating systems. The primary "appeal" of Windows 10 over the generally preferred Windows 7 is DirectX 12, which improved the graphics rendering in certain supported games. Windows 10 comes with Cortana, a personal assistant similar to Apple's Siri, and Edge, the new browser created in Microsoft's efforts to distance itself from Internet Explorer. There are major concerns about how much Windows 10 will phone home, even with all the "privacy tweaks" enabled during install.

Lark: Gentoo in the Windows Subsystem for Linux

Even Russian Lawyers were trying to get it banned from Russia. This section will cover performing a clean install of Windows This works by checking the system hardware profile with Microsoft's servers to ensure it matches the hardware the product key was originally activated on. The edition of Windows 10 must match the edition the product key was for i. Home Premium or Professional.

If you want to do a test run of installing Windows 10, without committing your hard drive to it, setup a VirtualBox and skip ahead to the Installation section. Once you have the. On ThinkPads this is the ThinkVantage button. Most modern installation images are designed to boot using UEFI, but also have legacy fallback for older motherboards.

At this point it should reboot automatically into the installer. Hit a key if you see this message. This sticker is usually found on the bottom of laptops and the side of prebuilt desktops. If you're a pirate, you need KMSPico. KMS is a key management system meant for offices and administrators of multiple Windows computers. KMSPico emulates that system and can activate Windows installs without them being legal.

Some apps need. NET 3. You need internet access to be able to install. If you don't give Windows internet access, you might think that you can download a dotNetFx35setup. You will actually get an error saying that.

Copy and paste these lines some lines are irrelevant, but are included for extra security :. Check the talk page for a very extensive compilation of shady things Windows 10 does. We are still actively working on the spam issue. From InstallGentoo Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Warning: There is a high likelihood that Windows 10 is compromised. It is highly malicious, and has been proven time and time again to not only datamine and steal user informationbut it has been designed to do this.

Continue at your own risk. Note: This doesn't do much, as most, if not all, DNS lookups concerning Microsoft hostnames are hardcoded in dnsapi. Add them to your router's blocklist as well for additional security. Note: If you complain that this breaks things you use, then you are using the wrong things and should kill yourself. Categories : Operating systems Windows Maintenance. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.Xorg is an open source implementation of the X Window System.

There are many ways to get the X server in Gentoo, however a common method is to emerge one of the two packages:. As seen from the descriptions above, those who desire a more minimal X server implementation should choose the first package. Many packages can be built with optional x11 support by activating the global X USE flag if not already activated by profile selection.

Cause : an empty. Resolution : Either remove the. Xorg From Gentoo Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Official documentation. Org X servers. It is recommended to enable per package instead of globally elogind Use elogind to get control over framebuffer when running as regular user ipv6 Add support for IP version 6 kdrive Build the kdrive X servers libglvnd Use libglvnd for dispatch. Note This metapackage does not have any USE flags of its own.

gentoo xwindow

Note Getting a working graphical environment including popular desktops like KDE and Gnome requires additional configuration before emerging one of these packages. See the more extensive Xorg Guide for details.

gentoo xwindow

Category : X. Enable extra debug codepaths, like asserts and extra output. Add extra documentation API, Javadoc, etc. It is recommended to enable per package instead of globally.

Install a very minimal build disables, for example, plugins, fonts, most drivers, non-critical features. Security Enhanced Linux support, this must be set by the selinux profile or breakage will occur. Enable use of systemd-specific libraries and features like socket activation or session tracking.By default all windows are in full-screen in order to best maximize the use of the screen and have less fiddling with positioning.

Even with the doc USE flag enabled its installed size is less than 1. Available USE flags include:. A more relative to the more popular i3status advanced, extensively-customizable status for the i3bar config to use is provided by i3block.

After this code has been added to a user's. It should be noted that when not using a login manager, security issues arise when relying on a screen lock program such as i3lock. While locking the screen will prevent someone from accessing the running X session, it does not prevent them from going to the tty where X was launched, killing X, and gaining access to the logged in user's account.

To prevent this, simply use the following:. Additional keybinding information can be found on upstream's website. In the user config file, adding a keyboard command is as simple as adding a line. You can also have it use the default key that all other commands use by using the built-in variable:. You can also set you own variable names or override values of variables.

It works by replacing text, like the c pre-processor, and has no concept other than strings. You can also add in what is called a mode. An example is the resize mode for floating windows. This changes what keyboard commands are bound and will be able to run. This is useful if there is a large set of commands often run together, or that override the keys on the keyboard as in the example below which takes over the arrow keys and the vim-style movement keys.

You can add multimedia key bindings in your i3 config.

gentoo xwindow

Below are example of working multimedia keys with i3wm. For a complete reference, visit the i3 official user guide. A wallpaper can be easily set using Feh. Example configuration line: exec --no-startup-id xcompmgr. The i3 wm has an invisible workspace called the Scratchpad workspace.

Windows 10

Users can move windows to and from it to hide them from the main workspaces. The i3 commands move scratchpad and scratchpad show hide and show windows respectively. It may be useful to bind these to keys within your config:. A detailed description of i3-gaps can be found on the [ Github page ]. The following lines remove the window decorations and add gaps between the windows.

Change the values for preference. This will put a 5px gap between all containers and the edge of the screen. It is worth noting that the actual distance from the containers to the edge of the screen is the sum of the inner and outer values. The actual distance between adjacent containers is the inner value alone.

Partially solved?In order to use a graphical environment it's necessary to install X. Org, which is an implementation of the X Window system. Before we start it's a good idea to make sure that your system is configured correctly. If you've installed your kernel using the binary USE flag, chances are that your video card is already supported.

See Video for more information onthis. In order for Portage to know which video card s you want to support, you'll need to add a line to your make. If you haven't yet switched to the desktop profile it's a good idea to do it now. Now we need to test to make sure X.

Org is working properly. To test it we will install twm, a simple window manager which has traditionally served as the standard window manager for X.

In Funtoo Linux it is included in the core X. There are two ways to do this depending on whether you want it to be installed temporarily or permanently.

If you just want it to test X. Org use the following command:. The minimal USE flag is used in some ebuilds to install the bare minimum needed to get a working system. The -1 --oneshot following emerge tells Portage not to add the package to world. This is useful when installing packages which are automatically pulled in as dependencies by other packages. If you want the package installed permanently you will need to add a line to package.

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Links Recent changes MediaWiki Help. This page was last edited on May 26,at This is the Gentoo Handbook, an effort to centralize Gentoo Linux information. This Handbook contains the installation instructions for an Internet-based installation and basic instructions about working with PortageGentoo's package manager.

This page is based on a document formerly found on our main website gentoo. Normandin Jr. If you edit the wiki article, please do not add yourself here; your contributions are recorded on each article's associated history page. A handbook dedicated to installing and configuring Gentoo on the amd64 architecture.

LPIC 106.1 часть первая: Включение графики в Linux или X11

Jump to: navigationsearch. This page contains changes which are not marked for translation. Other languages:. About the installation. Choosing the media. Configuring the network. Preparing the disks. Installing stage3. Installing base system. Configuring the kernel.

Configuring the system. Installing tools. Configuring the bootloader. Portage introduction. Portage features. Initscript system. Environment variables. Files and directories. Mixing software branches. Additional tools.

Custom package repository. Advanced features. Getting started. Advanced configuration. Modular networking.GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again.

gentoo xwindow

If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. The image's userland contains a complete OpenRC-based Gentoo system including a full Portage tree - so you can run emerge operations immediately - and has been pre-populated with a reasonable package set Xfce v4. Unless you want to, of course; this being Gentoo, GCC v Sound works too, both via HDMI given an appropriate displayand the onboard headphone jack.

As of version 1. Additionally, on the RPi4, the use of dual monitors is supported but not required as of version 1. As of 1. And finally, as of 1. Here's a screenshot of the image running on a dual-display RPi4 B click to show a higher resolution view :. The image may be downloaded from the link below or via wgetper the instructions which follow. NB: most users will want the first, full image genpi The previous release versions are still available together with a detailed changelog here.

If you have a significant amount of work invested in an older release of this image, I have also provided manual upgrade instructions from 1. Please read the instructions below before proceeding. Also please note that all images and binary packages are provided 'as is' and without warranty. You should also be comfortable with the at the moment, unavoidable non-free licenses required by the firmware and boot software supplied on the image before proceeding: these may be reviewed here.

It is sensible to install Gentoo to a separate microSD card from that used by your default Raspbian system; that way, when you are finished using Gentoo, you can simply power off, swap back to your old card, reboot, and your original system will be just as it was.

Please also note that support for arm64 is still in its early stages with Gentoo, so it is quite possible that you may encounter strange bugs etc. For the full image which most users will wanta microSD card of at least 16GB capacity as this image is 1,MiB compressed, Depending on the slots available on your PC, you may also need an adaptor to allow the microSD card to be plugged in to write the image to it initially.

Class A1 cards are particularly recommended, but not required. I have found most SanDisk cards work fine; if you are having trouble, a good sanity check is to try writing the standard Raspbian bit image to your card, to verify that your Pi4 or Pi3 will boot with it, before proceeding.

For simplicity, I am going to assume that you will be logging into the image at least initially via an HDMI screen and USB keyboard connected directly to your Pi, rather than e. A decent power supply is recommended. A PC to decompress the image and write it to the microSD card.Links : forums. Copyright Gentoo Foundation, Inc. Hosting by Gossamer Threads Inc. Quick Search :. View previous topic :: View next topic. Back to top. If you can not install, because install. Yamakuzure wrote:. I am just wondering, for those that are using the linux subsystem on windows; what is your thoughts about it?

Well, if you have the newest bootstrap script, then I have no clue from the distance. I have nothing to do with the prefix script itself Copied files will not show up within WSL. Not what you'd normally want Btw: Gimp has a Windows version. No need to use WSL for it. I know that X with WSL is possible. With Cygwin, however, it works right ootb. Personally I think that both tools have their uses.

It only matters to choose the right one for your needs. I tells a lot. Does this work in WSL? Hi Guys I'm writing here because of the post title I have a problem with portage, began after today's update on my Gentoo on WSL I've updated portage to 2.

I think I have to re-deploy portage from the stage3 archive, but my question is: have you too seen such issue? Hi yamakuzure thanks for the suggestions, but I haven't python 3.

I have issues also with sudo!