Discussion in ' Synthetic Drugs ' started by infowarriorJan 18, Log in or Sign up. Hip Forums. I've never gotten any of my RC's seized, but my order of xanax and valium was seized by customs when it was coming through a port in Florida. All customs did was send me a "love letter" saying that they had seized my pills and that I'd have to go to court if I wanted them back. I told the online pharmacy about it and I emailed them a picture of the letter I got from customs, and they re-shipped my order.

TopNotchStonerJan 18, Most of the time, they won't take the time and effort to try to prove that you even knew that whatever was seized was being shipped to you. It's possible, but improbable. Are you mailing scheduled substances? PsychedelicLoverJan 18, Often times they wont be able to identify an RC and will let it go through. I know of someone who had a large order of a RC get held by customs, but after holding it for a few months they couldn't figure out what the fuck it was so just sent it on.

Scheduled stuff is a different story. If it is pharmaceuticals Which get seized al the damn time at customs you will almost always only get a LL the first time second time you are lucky IMO unless it is an opiate like oxycontin, or is anything in raw powder form in either of those cases you will probably get a controlled delivery and raided.

Weed sometimes the feds don't care much if its a small amount, and they usually turn it over to the state to decide if they want to prosecute it. Usually the state does, but in some places maybe they wont. LoCJan 19, My mail has made it for RC's. It's always hell waiting though. Never had a problem with my RCs getting through. Waiting on a new shipment from a new vendor this time around though so it's a bit nerve wracking. Obviously don't press your luck or whatever, but I doubt the Feds are worried about you ordering a small amount of a legal chemical.

Contrary to popular paranoid opinion, the authorities aren't omniscient, don't have unlimited resources at their disposal to track down every last two-bit offender, and they won't come after you because you didn't use "SWIM" when posting. If I got a letter from customs saying they'd grabbed a shipment sent to me, I'd just contact the supplier and get them to re-ship to a different address. LiquidVisionJan 19, Odd, so why is it something like Xanax would be seized but not my RC's every time?

Do they actually check the contents of the packaging when it goes through the border, or did something hint what was in the packaging? Also, I'm currently awaiting arrival of a 2C-E shipment from an "over the border" vendor, and they personally assured me that problems occur as little as 4 times a year or less as far as orders being withheld goes. So I guess I'll let you guys know.

TopNotchStonerJan 19, I think they flag the address also. Unfortunately I ordered Talwyn and it was confiscated. I got the proverbial love letter and after that shipments were scarce. What can you do?? DdorightJan 19, I've gotten other orders of xanax in the mail before, and the order was much bigger than the order that was seized. I ordered GBL from the same spot to the same address a few times with no problems.For anyone purchasing anabolic androgenic steroids on the black market and who do so by ordering through the mail they will always have a concern of their package being seized.

While this is a reality many assume by purchasing steroids in person such as through a face-to-face transfer at the gym to be far safer; make no mistake, it is not. If you purchase anabolic steroids directly from another individual you always run the risk of that individual working with law enforcement; theres simply no way to know for sure and when you order via mail there is always a risk of your package being seized or even worse a controlled delivery.

Theres no way around it, buying anabolic androgenic steroids on the black market carries with it risk regardless of the manner in-which they are purchased and understanding the risks, whats involved and what you need to do is always of the utmost importance. When you place an order for anabolic steroids that will be delivered to your house through the mail the package may be flagged by the Postal Inspector or Customs.

It could be the package was leaking; the package may look suspicious or be from an individual of already a suspicious nature. Regardless of the cause the authority at hand will open the package if suspicion is raised and once it is you can rest assured you will never receive the package; at least not in the manner in-which you desired. In some cases you will not be notified; instead your package will be delivered to you in a controlled manner by-which you accepting the package will result in your arrest.

While this is not all that common it does occur far more often than many realize but the most common course of action is receiving a seizure letter from the confiscating party. Once a package is flagged and seized, in most cases a letter is sent from the confiscating party to the individual who ordered the package. The seizure notice or seizure letter will inform you feds have your package in hand and will further advise you on your rights and methods of challenge. Yes, you can respond to the letter and challenge the seizure by-which you are claiming a legal right to the package at hand; however, unless you are truly legally entitled to the package this will prove to be futile and quite highly unadvisable; to obtain this package you would need a lawful prescription for the package in question.

If you challenge the seizure letter and do so without a viable legal means of possession by-which you will have identified yourself to the feds as the individual who in-fact ordered the package which will more than likely lead to your arrest. If you receive a seizure letter or notice your best course of action will be to ignore it; you can respond back denying the package but silence will always prove to be a more viable option.

By not signing the letter or notice you ensure your name is not provided in any legal fashion and by simply ignoring it the matter will normally be dropped. The letter or notice will inform you that if it is ignored the package will be forfeited after 20 days; even though the package is now lost you have at least saved yourself from possible and quite probable arrest. In some cases a follow up letter may be sent and in some cases a possible phone call; if this occurs one need not be too overly concerned; once you receive a seizure letter or notice calling your attorney to advise him of the occurrence is normally the best course of initial action.

While your attorney will simply advise you to ignore it he will now also be able to handle any additional occurrences brought on by the feds even if they are unlikely to occur.

It is very important to note, once you have a package that has been seized your name and address will be flagged. Your name and address will be in the federal data base and the odds of a package getting flagged the next time will be far greater. While there is no way to guarantee your name and address will be permanently flagged in most cases you can wave goodbye to ever receiving a package of anabolic steroids shipped to that name or address ever again.

Seizure Letters. Join Online Users Now! By viewing this page you agree and understand our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.My client recently handed me a letter from the U. Department of Homeland Security, U. Customs and Border Protection.

The 3 Options to Get Your Money Back From Customs

Section and 19 C. What is the best way to explain what all that is about? And that was only the first half of the letter, so I will do my best to explain the first half of the letter. After I do that, I will attempt to explain the other half. Either way, the letter is giving you the federal law which allows the Government to have the right to start the proceedings.

It does NOT mean the Government has the absolute right to take your property, it just means that those code sections are what give the Government the authority to try to take your property. Same is true of cash. On the other hand, your lawyer may be able to show that that the Government does not have the evidence to prove that the money or property was obtained or used in an illegal purpose. The Notice of Seizure goes on to expand its web or control through 19 C.

So all the fancy cars, boats, airplanes, and even submarines that have been allegedly used to import, export, store, or otherwise help to facilitate the sale, transportation, or distribution of drugs can be seized and the parties involved will have the opportunity to make their case on why the property was not a part of a drug distribution scheme.

The Federal Code Section also includes any purchases that have been made with the proceeds of the illegal sale or distribution of drugs. Straight out of the movies!

how long does it take to get a seizure letter from customs

It can be done, but your lawyer needs to know what he or she should do under certain situations. The remaining parts of the Seizure letter go on to explain that you can make different types of claims to get your property returned. Another avenue is the petition for remission and mitigation, wherein you write a letter explaining why the property should be returned to you. You may also offer to compromise, or simply forfeit the property without contesting the seizure.

Whatever you decide to do, consult with a lawyer trained and experienced in this area of federal law before making your election of proceedings.

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how long does it take to get a seizure letter from customs

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Thing is two more are coming in. So, he got 30 vials of steroids shipped to his house in his name from China. This morning he comes into work with a letter of seizure from the dea.


It said the first time they will destroy it, but the next time there will be penalties. He has two other packages already on their way. Same address, same name, same shady super taped up packages. Also, both packages are 15 vials each.

Now, he is freaking out and has told all of us about it. We're all scouring the internet and I'm the only one with a reddit account, so I decided to ask here. Your friend should ignore the letters and not respond. Additionally, he certainly shouldn't be emailing the company that he allegedly ordered from.

He should refuse to accept any unknown or sketchy packages that arrive at his residence. As it's likely that he's been flagged, it may be a good idea to ensure that he doesn't have any questionable items or substances at his residence. In the future, he should avoid importing illegal substances, especially with a record and while on probation.

Great advice. Whether this rises to probable cause or not OPs friend needs to clean his house of old similar product, and give up everything, including his second best backup bong to new homes. Tell him to keep his mouth shut and to wait if he is lucky he won't get in trouble if he is unlucky he wants to only talk to a lawyer.Customs may seize goods if they are contrary to law.

If your merchandise is seized, you have options. A Petition should be prepared by an expert in Customs cases. A Petition typically contains your legal arguments and the valid reasons why U. Customs should release your merchandise back to you. Diaz Trade Law specializes in assisting companies with U. Customs seizure cases and understands the policies, procedures, and practices of CBP and clearly advises you of your options. Diaz Trade Law will not only help you with your current seizure, but, will also advise you on Pre-Compliance to make sure your merchandise complies with all relevant laws and regulations applicable prior to importing it back into the U.

Note: If you have documents you would like us to review, please email docs DiazTradeLaw. Our expertise is in assisting companies in successfully complying with the vast U. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience. This site does not purport to give legal advice nor does use of this venue by any party constitute the formation of an attorney-client relationship.

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The detention and seizure process is a complicated one. Trust your expert, Diaz Trade Law, to help you navigate it successfully. Did you receive a Notice that looks like this from CBP? What Does This Notice Mean?

Want More Information on this Topic? Attorney Advertising. All Rights Reserved.If you have received a DEA seizure letter, this will occur after called notice of seizure of property and initiation of administrative forfeiture proceedings from the DEA.

This letter will warn you that if you do not file a claim within the stated time allowed, the property will be forfeited to the US government. The form lists the information describing the seized property, such as notice data, asset ID numbers, property description, value of the assets, and more.

Once you have a DEA seizure letter, know that the forfeiture law outlaws you from filing a civil lawsuit to get your money back. Rather, it is the US government that is supposed to start the forfeiture process in a reasonable period of time. If it fails to do so, you can bring a defense of unreasonable defense later on.

When you have the DEA seizure letter, your best bet is to wait. If you want to inquire with the DEA what is the delay, it is better to write a letter than to call them. It is not desirable for them to ask questions about your federal case, or the alleged crimes that led to the cash or property seizure. Note that everything you can will be used against you.

It is important to maintain all copies of the letters that you send the DEA so that you can use them if you want to file a motion to dismiss. When you get a DEA seizure letter, in the vast majority of the cases, you must file a claim that demands early judicial intervention in US District Court. So it is important to file a timely administrative claim. Also, you should have to post a cost bond, if necessary in your case.

The forfeiture notice will inform you if it is necessary or not. You have 35 days after you get the notice to file your claim. The claim needs to be sworn under penalty of perjury. Keep in mind that the notice could say that you can file a petition for mitigation or remission.

But we do not recommend this, as it will be at the discretion of the seizing agent, and they will probably not do that. This process has no way of appeal, either. After the claim is filed and you pay the cost bond, the US attorney will go over the case. If they decide to proceed with the forfeiture, there will be a civil case filed with the appropriate US district court, and you will have a complaint served against you.

You have 30 days to file a verified claim that reports your interest in the property. After that, there are 20 days where you can file an answer.

It is required to state if you admit, deny or do not have enough information in the allegations in the letter. Next, listen one or more of the defenses you find below.

Steroid Law - Seizure Letters

Also, be sure to demand a jury trial in the response:. The process to get your money or property back from the DEA depends on if the seizure was done the state, federal or local authorities.

In some cases, it may be unclear if the seizure was state or federal. But if the seizure happens at an airport or border, it is normally a federal case. Airport travelers often are distracted with their trip so if a federal law enforcement officer comes up to them and starts to ask questions, they might give consent to search. The DEA can ask random questions and search airports, and they can seize cash because they think you did some type of crime.

Any cash that is seized at the airport, you should be certain to file an administrative claim to get it back as soon as possible. The DEA often wrongly seizes large amounts of cash at airports.

how long does it take to get a seizure letter from customs

The DEA may seize your money or property under highly questionable circumstances in any public areas and even in your house, as long as they have a warrant. There have been a number of seizures in recent times by US Customs.

how long does it take to get a seizure letter from customs

Although it is not required to have an attorney to contest an action by the DEA, you should have an attorney such as experienced DEA seizure attorney Geoffrey Nathan at your side at each stage of the case. Your attorney will give you the best chance of getting your property back, and can make sure you do not have to deal with heavy discovery requests from the federal government that really are just to embarrass or harass you.

Remember that you have only 30 days within the date of the letter to file a claim.For every hundred modafinil orders sent to the US from abroad, on average only three are stopped. To look at it from a glass half full perspective, if you were to order a hundred separate packages, you would get ninety-seven of them.

Customs and Border Protection. Add a weekend, a public holiday, or bad weather to the mix, and the delay can go as high as 5 to 7 days. If customs does actually stop your order, you will be sent a seizure letter. Here is what it will look like. In a nutshell, the letter just says that a package containing a controlled substance and addressed to you has been intercepted.

It then gives you two choices. You can:. In a sense, this is a trick. The truth is anyone can send a controlled substance to any name and address of their choosing. It would much too easy to impose some serious hardship on them all. Good news, case closed. But the better news is that the odds you getting your next shipment through are now even greater. Those are some very slim odds. In the latter case, as long as you ordered from a reputable sourceyou should have a choice of either a free re-shipment or full refund.

Besides a delay in getting your modafinil, no harm was done. Your email address will not be published.


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