Skip to main content Video Wall. Only 15 left in stock - order soon. We initially thought the device was faulty when we installed it. Turns out we were trying to power a 4 tv video wall and 7 other tv's at an office with an eight way hdmi splitter and a Fire TV. Turns out the only issue was the Fire TV didn't have enough video power to power everything.

What Does It Cost to Rent an LED Screen?

We switched over to two Fire TV's and have had zero issues since. Add to cart. In Stock. Product worked great for me on two Proscan 40" LED televisions. There was some tweaking of the picture and color between the processor and the televisions because you essentially have double the settings, so you have to decrease a setting on one and increase on the other for a perfect color balance. Trust me you do notice the high red on the actors lips its blinding red lol, and this goes as well for the other colors.

On my setup I had to adjust the video aspect formats between the processor and the TV's as well and I believe I have these settings perfect for me. I recommend tuning these settings for different sources such as movies, games, and TV, then saving them to the processor and Still working out the finite tweaks to the pictures, but my entire neighborhood has video wall envy right now. You need this. Only 11 left in stock - order soon. This product works very well. You have to have a little bit of know-how to do the bezel adjustment, and the menu system is not super-intuitive.

led video wall price

Overall, however, it works quite well so far and I cannot complain. NOTE: If you connect directly to a computer I was using a macbook prothe computer seems to initially have a challenge rationalizing this machine as a display, but once it does, everything is stable and I was unable to detect any delay. I would by another one it I needed more than one.If you are reading this message, Please click this link to reload this page. Do not use your browser's "Refresh" button. Please email us if you're running the latest version of your browser and you still see this message.

I needed to switch over to Apple computer, phone and ipad because of software changes in my buisness. These items were either open box or refurbished with a A rating. Fabulous Prices, all worked and looked new. I am a faithful user of a popular on line store that deals in the same items, however I can not get these kind of deals especially at these condition and prices. See All. Video Walls. Power Search. Show More Apply. NEC Display Solutions. LG Electronics. Orion Images.

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How much do Video Walls Cost?

Discount Item. Volume Savings. Open Box.In order to get the best possible experience from our website, please follow below instructions. VH7E Series 0. There are no results. See all Commercial Displays. There is no available product. Experience LG Video Walls that displays beautiful images that are sharp, clear and high in definition that will surely immerse the audience. Capable of displaying various display formats, LG video walls can be utilized in a wide array of vertical markets such as: Retail Solutions: Enhance your retail brand with LG video walls that makes your brand stand out from the crowd and increased sales.

Attract potential customers as it delivers vivid and dynamic picture quality with wide viewing angles. Transportation: Provide clear and accurate information to passengers in airports, subway, bus terminals and other forms of transportation hub with LG video walls. Engage with passengers through LG IPS technology that enables wider viewing angles regardless of their position.

Education: Create an interactive learning environment in the classroom, library, cafeteria and other areas of the school with LG video walls. Encourage active learning while delivering dynamic and informative content during class lectures.

With LG video walls, effectively promote your hotel facilities such as spa, fitness club and cafes to customers. To properly experience our LG. Skip to Contents. Video Walls. Video Wall Configurator. Visualize and map custom video wall configurations in standard environments or upload your own.

The Ultimate User Experience. Congratulations to M3 Technology Group! An amazing LG install for the U. Army Corps of Engineers. Create visually stunning video walls that are easily installed, maintained and managed when you choose commercial display products from LG. Clear Filters.

Inquiry to Buy Find a Dealer. Previous Next. Load More. Learn more about our 0. Learn More. Learn more about our 1. Learn more about our 3. Popular Video Walls Products. Scroll Left Scroll Right.There are a few things to be aware of in how these are priced, as there are many parts that make up the whole system.

I will say however that this discussion on pricing is just going to be general guidelines and not much for specifics, as for the most part it is really ideal to work with a professional firm that knows the systems well and can help you integrate them. Just like that, there are a few factories in Shenzhen that make the products for the many brand names.

So some brand names are assemblers who buy each of the components and other brand names actually manufacturer several of the parts and then assemble the wall. There are also many different options and quality lines that General Motors makes.

LED Video Walls

For example, Chevrolet offers both a Spark and a Corvette. Both bear the brand name, but they perform vastly different. Both will display video, but the fit, finish, expected lifespan, durability, and video performance is greatly different. There are various other sizes — like Xmm which is essentially two mm 2 panels in one assembly and many others.

The pricing also does depend greatly on the pixel pitch of the LED panel. The most commonly quoted pitch today is probably the 4mm or 3. Last year and before it was more in the 6mm and we are now seeing panels with a pixel pitch of 1mm and even tighter.

led video wall price

The cost for the 2mm and tighter is much higher, and that pixel pitch would only be needed if you have extreme close viewing or you require very high resolution at a small screen size.

So I took and added up all the costs for the LED panels, controller, and cabling not installation for the various brands and then divided it out into the cost per square foot as a level playing field. Brand names have been left off as to not promote any of them. So here are my old numbers:. LED wall 2 — 5. LED wall 3 — 5.

So I hope this is helpful to just give you an idea of what the numbers looked like a year ago — today they are different. And based on the size of your LED wall — the cost per square foot will vary due to the parts you need for a large or small wall.LED video wall technology is surpassing projection in houses of worship all around the country because of its ability to deliver a seamless picture to any size and shape, even curved.

LED video walls look phenomenal even in high ambient light environments, and LED video wall content looks great from every angle. With LED walls, performers can't accidentally cast shadows on the image or get temporarily blinded by the projector beam.

Since LEDs provide the color and the light source in one diode, LED walls are the only type of display that provides true black. Included heavy-duty aluminum wall brackets make installation a breeze.

We recommend plywood as a backing material, screwed into wall studs. Be sure to paint the edges black to ensure the most flush and integrated look to your LED video wall installation.

No room for wall displays? Time to fly. LED panels attach to header bars that make suspending your LED video wall simple with their integrated heavy-duty eye bolts. Flown LED walls bring your message out into the space with the performers for high-impact audience engagement.

Ruggedly built and weather resistant LED panels are available for applications where you need to set up and tear down frequently. They look amazing, make our ministry more effective, and our jobs communicating so much easier! Absen continually offers video solutions that allow viewers to fully engage in the content. Our Message is communicated better, using Absen Technology.

LED video walls last times longer than projectors, years, making them more cost effective over time. Panels seamlessly attach to one another to create a wide range of configurations for indoor and outdoor applications. LED Video walls bring clarity to your message. Shop by application. Packages are in-stock. How to set up, install and troubleshoot LED video walls.Bhandup West, Thane No.

Marg, Bhandup West, Thane -Dist. Thane, Maharashtra. Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Lakshmipuram Extension, Chennai No. Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Pune, Maharashtra. Sector 25, Gandhinagar, Dist. Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat. Shimla Puri, Ludhiana ST. Ludhiana, Punjab.

Surat, Gujarat. Navagam, Rajkot Plot No. Rajkot, Gujarat. Bengaluru, Karnataka. Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Villivakkam, Chennai No. Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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Save time! Get Best Deal.To achieve the attention grabbing views these walls deserve, a high price tag is usually associated. Do not let that stop you from considering what your budget can support.

Video wall costs are dependent on display technology, infrastructure requirements, and source processing. These prices reflect equipment only prior to taxes and shipment,but this is only part of the costs. You will need infrastructure like power and low voltage conduit for video signals to feed the wall. Further, depending on the size of the video wall there may be structural concerns that need to be addressed.

led video wall price

Finally the wall needs to be physically installed, configured and tested. If you are interested in having a video wall installed, or installing it yourself, here are a few key considerations, along with some real world numbers that can help you budget accordingly. Currently the most common video wall systems are LCD and LED, though rear projection cubes, and blended front projection are also options. When it comes to LCD you pay a premium based on panel quality and how small the bezel width is.

As such labor is typically lower for an LCD video wall installation over an LED video wall of the same overall dimensions. Where LED video walls really shine, is large seamless image presentation viewed from a distance, such as digital signage, corporate branding, stage presentation screen, etc. The viewing distance coupled with the correct LED pixel pitch provides a high brightness picture-perfect image free of lines or bezels.

LED video walls are not great for close viewing where the individual pixels can be observed. For a LED video wall with a 1. This figure includes the panels, mounts and manufacturers rep to assist in commissioning. These prices do not include actual installation, infrastructure, programming, etc. When it comes to mounts do not scrimp on quality. You will want a mount that permits front serviceability of individual panels without the necessity of removing other panels.

Panels will fail eventually which is a good reason to always buy a spare panel when purchasing your system and the ability to service just one panel is a huge time and cost saver. Mounts should also have alignment adjustments in all axes, and be sufficiently rigid to prevent any sagging. Mounts should always be quoted with LED video wall systems, and would not normally be purchased separately. Before settling on a video wall system you will need to confirm that the location you intend to install it can physically support the weight.

In some cases a contractor will need to be brought in to brace the wall sufficiently to support the weight of the wall hung equipment, similarly a structural engineer may be brought in by the contractor for larger video walls. Once the structure has been approved, the infrastructure will need to be designed. Video wall systems vary in their power and video connections; some video wall systems remote the power and video connections to a central rack, while other systems are integrated into the panel itself.

For a configuration with remote equipment you will want to ensure you have conduit paths back to a rack location. For integrated panels you will need a receptacle within cabling distance to each display, along with a conduit path back to the video source feeding the wall.

It is important to have the appropriate parties provide a quote for structural and electrical changes to include in your budgets. In cases where it does not make sense to alter an existing wall, a floor to ceiling, or floor to wall mount may be required. This number may vary depending on ceiling height, existing construction type, etc.

To keep costs to a minimum, choose an installation location that can physically support the weight of a video wall system with minimum alterations. Ensure this location can be readily upgraded to add power and low voltage conduit as needed.