For Calisthenics, Fitness-Workouts and Gymnastics. Gymnastic Bars - Pull-up Bars - Horizontal bars. Only direct from german manufacturer tolymp. Our bars are completely manufactured from V2A Stainless Steel.

The horizontal bars are adjustable to 25 heights between 15 and cm. The posts are provided with boreholes spaced 9 cm apart for this.

Der The diameter is 34 mm, the width cm Also available as double bar with two pull-up bars or as a free plan Calisthenics-Station if desired. Thanks to the integrated quick adjustment, the pull-up bar on our Calisthenics equipment can be quickly adjusted. Simply unscrew the bolts, screw the bar with the bolts at the new height and you are done. Toggle navigation. Horizontal bar adjustable between 15 and cm Quick adjustment possible without any tools. Calisthenics Station Dip Buin Duo Double horizontal bar with dip bars as a corner solution or on the side.

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Compact footprint. Layout recommendation, individually customisable Fitted out with 2 high bars and dip bars. A human-flag bar, climbing net and sling trainer are also available upon request. Family Equipment made from larch wood and stainless steel. Made from a hybrid construction of warm wood and elegant stainless steel.

Layout recommendation, individually customisable All our equipment can be expanded with Larch wood. A fireman's pole, climbing net and ladder are available upon request. Monkey bar, high bar, barbell rack, rung ladder, dip bars etc. Layout recommendation, also individually customisable as a playground, or rather a jungle gym. Outdoor fitness equipment according to the DIN EN for public installation Individually designed according to client specification.

Equipped with horizontal bars, dip bars, gymnastic rings etc. Sturdy design for long-term use Our planning service realises your ideas into tangible designs. Outdoor fitness equipment for public installation. We plan your equipment in 3D-CAD according to your wishes and manufacture it on site at attractive rates. A great jungle gym for the entire family. Quality Stainless Steel, lasts for life! Measurements Sizes that suit you!

Quick Adjustment Leave the tools in the cupboard! We have been producing high-quality gymnastic equipment from Larch wood for 10 years. Very popular with children and families. We are sure that your children will love our gymnastic bars.Shed Liquidators.

You probably never considered a shed to be a good place to workout. Making it to the gym can turn into a drudge. But where to put the equipment? No space in your home? No problem.

Just convert your shed into a gym. Now you really have no excuses to be ready for beach season.

outdoor gym diy

A shed can be your personal weight room. Or you can turn it into a yoga studio. No need to even run electricity unless you want heat or AC. Use a laptop to pull up various exercise classes and get to sweating!

Turning your shed into a gym can make your workout way more convenient. Going to the gym across town takes more time and gives you less incentive to work out when you are short on time. But having a shed-gym in your backyard cuts all those negative factors in half. You can work out when you are short on time. A shed can be a relaxing place to mediate… All it needs is a little customization. I know I do. Even work out buffs often need a little pick me up.

Heading into your living room or a cold gym with blaring TVs often makes me less likely to to want to work out. But having your own personal gym with your personal inspirations makes you WANT to work out. Once a month buy a new, small piece and add to your collection slowly. In the long run, it will probably cost you less than a gym membership if you put the numbers together. Check out these weight sets on Amazon. Here are a handful of DVDs on Amazon. They are very varied in price.

Why not get busy making your own personal gym shed today. We can help with that!

30 Fun DIY Outdoor Play Areas That Will Keep Your Kids Entertained All Summer

Feeling inspired? Feel free to give us a call and we can help you find the right shed for your workout space. We carry various types and sizes of sheds to make your gym dreams a reality. Just choose which style is right for you! Interested in purchasing a shed for extra room, particularly for exercise.The number of health conscious people in the UK is on the up and commercial gyms can be incredibly busy at peak times.

With costly memberships and families trying to juggle the demands of modern lifemore and more are creating their own workout space at home. As garden rooms can be installed within days, don't usually require planning permission and can be built to a bespoke design, they are becoming popular solutions for home gyms, and over the past two years, we have noticed a rise in the number being installed.

The key to creating a productive and practical space in your garden is to carefully consider the room's features at the design stage. This includes:. When designing a gym, the first thing to consider is the equipment you are looking to install. Certain items, such as cross trainers and running machines, elevate the user and can be a real issue if you're tall, as your head can touch the ceiling. The permitted development height of a garden room is 2. In most cases, it is beneficial to do so as higher ceilings ensure you don't feel restricted when exercising.

As with many garden rooms, wall space is of a premium. Many customers love to have a lot of glass and it's tempting to install wall-to-wall glass to let in as much natural light as possiblebut the design and layout of the doors and windows is key to creating a functional workout space, and too many windows may limit where you can place equipment.

You also need to consider privacy, especially if your garden is overlooked. Equipment will also determine the type of flooring required. If you will be using free weights, it's important that you select a specific rubber gym matting. Otherwise, a sturdy wood or laminate is great as they are easy to clean — especially important after an intense, sweat-inducing workout!

Although it might not be the most exciting part of the design process, it's really important to consider the final layout as this will determine the placement of sockets and the type of lighting and heating. Many of the gyms we build have sockets in the floor to avoid untidy cable runs.

Also, spotlights are very popular and I would always recommend considering LED lighting. Not only will this prevent your garden room from getting too hot, but it will also give you enormous savings on your energy bills. Plus, dimmers or even multiple circuits are a good option, so that certain parts of the room can be lit while others aren't. The other utility to consider is an entertainment system.

outdoor gym diy

For most, a TV and sound system are a must when working out. When designing your gym garden room, it is worth considering recessed speakers in the ceiling as this allows for more floor and wall space and will offer much better sound quality.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Gym memberships add up quickly and the gym is often overcrowded when you finally do find the time to get there. Manufactured gym equipment can be extremely costly, it's typically very heavy, and it's difficult to move. Instead of going with one of these two traditional options, why not build your own gym equipment?

Kee Klamp fittings are strong, adjustable, easy to assemble and dissemble, and easy to work with. That's why popular Parkour gyms and even adventure races like the Ultimate Athlete Games and the Spartan Race have chosen Kee Klamp to build their fitness structures. But, you don't need to be one of these huge gyms to build your own equipment. Our Simple Fit Workout Tower is a versatile, all-in-one workout machine that was designed to be as simple as possible to install virtually anywhere in very little time.

This makes it easy to move in the future. Made of heavy-duty galvanized steel, this system is built to last, while helping you exercise multiple muscle groups, for full-body fitness training. The Simple Fit Workout Tower can be used with a variety of workouts including pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, knee raises, abdominal exercises, push-ups, and sit-ups.

The tower was designed with the idea that staying healthy and fit at home should be easy! Although it may not feel like it in the middle of a high-intensity workout. Most of the frame is constructed using 2x4s while Kee Klamp fittings and pipe are used to create the dip station bars. These bars rest in a circular grove cut out from the horizontal wood supports. To keep the pipe bars from moving, the Collar fitting is used on the inside of the wood boards.

This fitting slides over the pipe bars and locks in place to keep the pipe bars from sliding. At the top of the dip station, there are three horizontal pipe bars. These add additional support to the structure but can also be used to do pull-ups. These pipe bars are connected using the Flange fitting. This pull-up bar was built Charles Rankin in order to train for the world record for the number of chin-ups completed in 24 hours.

But, you don't need to a world record trainee to build one just like it. The pull-up bar is completely free standing and has practically no give when completing pull-ups or chin-ups.

Backyard Gym Ideas: Outdoor Home Gym Guide {PRO Tips}

One of the biggest advantages to building a freestanding pull-up bar like this one is that you can build it to whatever height you like.Find the parts you need to build your own junkyard gym and start hitting this hardcore workout in your own backyard. With the winter months falling behind us and the nights getting brighter, folks are starting to think about the beach-body look.

It's also the time for fighters to get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and do a little al fresco strength and conditioning work. The problem with modern gym culture is the misconception that you need state-of-the-art-equipment and machines to get strong and fit.

outdoor gym diy

Well, enough of that garbage. Here's how you can get ripped for summer on a backyard budget. Your junkyard gym can be set up with little more than pocket change. I started my gym with two liter water cooler bottles, the type that offices have on every floor to keep staff hydrated. When filled with sand, these bad boys weigh 70 pounds.

You could half fill them with water—a la Kevin Kearns—if you like to get the slosh pipe effect. You can get a decent weight if you fill them to the brim. Pick these up from an office block where they have empties. If you speak to the vendor when he comes to collect, chances are he'll let you have a couple for free.

✔ Building an Outdoor Gym / Workout Park ( Timelapse )

Bear in mind, if using these bottles outside, set them down gently. You don't want them splitting and spilling the contents. I have tires, lots of tires: car tires, van tires, tractor tires, earth mover tires, all different sizes and shapes.

Some are used for flipping, some for overhead throwing, some for beating with a sledgehammer, some for farmers walks by standing in the middle and lifting. The beauty about tires is that the people who deal with them, i. Hit up a tire yard and make friends with the bosses; they'll be more than happy to let you take some off their hands—they may even give you a quiet, albeit slightly alarmed respect as the local, strange strongman!

Junkyards need a sledgehammer and sand. I group these together, because these are the items that can cost. If, like me, you are not lucky enough to live close to the beach, you'll have to pay for sand. Most DIY stores have both tools, so one trip will do. To make sandbags, you need heavy-duty sacks, tape, and an old duffle bag. Double bag the sand into smaller bags, fill the main bag up, and then seal with tape.

This way, should one of the inner bags split, you won't start a sandstorm. Now that you've got your junkyard training tools, you're pretty much good to go.Download the Workout Sheets Here.

We all know that one of the greatest benefits of calisthenics is that you need little to no equipment to workout. This post is only for those who are interested in creating an awesome place to workout that inspires and motivates them big time. I always preferred to follow a minimalist approach to my training. As the time passed and I was getting more advanced, the need to invest in equipment became more apparent and I started to purchase basic calisthenics tools, like rings, parallel bars, etc.

My perception about homemade gyms slowly started to change. I gradually got convinced of the idea of creating my own gym. After creating my own pulling and dipping station a while ago 9 in the list belowI can assure you that the benefits of having a home gym are phenomenal. This place has all the training equipment that are necessary for your training.

The home gym can be inside your house, in the garage or in your backyard. Based on the above definition a DIY home gym is a home gym where the majority of the equipment was created by you. Of course, not all of the tools have to be created personally by you, because sometimes buying a high-quality tool might be a better option.

If you are totally happy owning only a pull up bar and you are making the progress you want, there is no serious need to start investing in more equipment. However, if you want to have more training options and the ability to challenge yourself in lots of different ways, creating a home gym is the way to go.

Obviously, training with no equipment is the cheapest option. Nonetheless, constructing a homemade gym is a cheaper option than going to the gym or buying commercial equipment. When you create your own gym, you have the opportunity to develop tools to target all the different muscles you want and master new calisthenics moves.

The biggest benefit of having your own gym at your house is that you can have easy and immediate access to it any time of the day you want to. You can train at the morning, evening and night, something that is hard to do at a commercial gym. Based on my experience, when you create something by yourself you are more emotionally attached to the product, which makes it more likely that you are going to use it in the long run. Also, if you manage to build training equipment that is of great quality and works well, you are going to feel very self-sufficient, probably more than ever before.

Even if it seems to involve a lot of hard work and sometimes it doescreating your own gym is a very recreational process. After building your first training tools, you might even become addicted to constructing equipment.

All of the above give you the opportunity to train in an environment that is motivating, inspiring and enjoyable. In this section, you are going to find the top 10 homemade gyms dedicated to calisthenics training. These are the best gyms I have found that are available in a video format. In addition, before moving on you should understand that some of the following gyms are very hard to construct and may require a serious investment of time, money and effort. The main reason I have included such examples is for inspirational purposes.

This is a very basic home gym that has everything that a calisthenics athlete would need.

Junkyard Gym Workout: Build Your Own Backyard Gym

What I like the most about this gym are the pull up bars that were created by unused equipment and the addition of some rope.These outdoor play areas encourage kids to spend time outdoors, to engage in physical play and to make staying active part of their daily lives as they grow up. Once we hit adulthood and our schedules begin to fill up with work, family and social obligations, many of us no longer have time to spend hours playing outdoors, and most of our physical activity takes place in crowded, stuffy indoor gyms surrounded by strangers.

Lucky homeowners with a spare room that is not needed for other purposes might be fortunate enough to have a gym — or at least a treadmill — at home for workouts that are a bit more private, but there is nothing quite like getting outside in the fresh air and sunshine to more fully enjoy your fitness routine and improve your mood. Those of us who are lucky enough to live in Southern California get to enjoy some pretty great weather all year long, which means it is usually not the elements keeping us indoors for our workouts.

While hiking, biking, rock climbing, skiing and all of the other outdoor activities we can partake in are readily available to most people in San Diego County, Orange County, Riverside County and the surrounding areas, it can be difficult to set aside enough time in our busy days to actually make it out to do these things.

Plus, once we get home from a long day at work or finally get to sleep in on the weekend, our best exercise intentions can easily go right out the window — particularly when it involves dressing appropriately for going out in public and having to leave the house when all we want to do is collapse on the couch.

However, if we have at least a few key pieces of gym equipment at home, we can work out at whichever hour of the day or night works best for us, wear whatever we want for our workout and avoid paying for a gym membership. Working out at home also allows us to more easily multitask as we cook dinner, keep an eye on the kids or get in a quick conference call while burning calories.

Plus, even if you have the room available inside your home, moving your gym outside frees up that space so that it can be used for other purposes, such as an art studio, play room or man cave.

And you get the added benefit of fresh air and a natural setting that is sure to boost your mood and be far more motivating than staring at a wall while working out.

If you have the room, a tennis, volleyball or basketball court would be a great way to create a space where adults can play outdoors, but most homeowners do not have enough extra room in their backyards to incorporate an activity area of this size into their landscape design.

It is usually more feasible for homeowners to use part of a patio, gazebo or other existing outdoor space to create a backyard gym that fits their needs. The first decision you need to make when designing an outdoor gym is whether you want to use a covered space or an uncovered space for your workouts. If you have an existing space on a covered patio that will fit your equipment, that is usually the best option and will offer the most functionality. When you choose a covered workout area, whether on a patio, in a gazebo or in an outbuilding, your equipment will have more protection from the elements, you will be able to work out even if it is raining and you are more likely to be able to leave your equipment set up for impromptu workouts.

If your patio has a pergola, this will provide some protection from the sun while you are working out, but it will not provide enough cover for your equipment to avoid rain, rust and dirt. A shade structure is another option, which can be portable or permanent, and is an inexpensive way to create a covered area for your outdoor gym. Uncovered areas can also work out quite well; however, you will likely want to invest in covers for your equipment to protect them from the sun and rain and to keep them clean between workouts.

If you are more interested in partaking in yoga on the grass or using a pilates machine that easily folds and stows away when not in use, you may not need a cover for your workout area at all. This is, of course, the less expensive option, particularly if you do not currently have a covered space to use.

You may also want to keep in mind that a covered area provides a bit more privacy if you are not so keen on working out in front of your neighbors. The second decision you need to make is whether you want to install permanent, stationary gym equipment, or portable pieces that you can put away when not in use or move around at will.

Do you just want an open space where you can do yoga, tai chi, pilates, stretching or step aerobics outside? Do you want to burn some serious calories on larger gym equipment, such as a treadmill, elliptical trainer or rowing machine?

There are lots of options when it comes to choosing equipment for your outdoor gym, including equipment that is specifically made for outdoor workouts — like the fitness equipment you see at parks that have open-air, community gym areas. Looking much like a playground for adults, these well-made, permanent pieces can be installed in your backyard for both you and your kids to enjoy.

For example, stationary exercise bars, pull up bars, balance beams or climbing domes can be used as workout equipment by the adults in your family and as playground equipment by the children. As an added benefit, children who see adults staying active on the same equipment they use to play will be encouraged to stay more physically active in their youth and as they grow up.

If you plan on using an uncovered space and want permanent workout gear, you may also want to look into step climbers, exercise bikes or ski machines that are specifically designed to be installed outdoors and to withstand the elements.

If you are using a covered area with electrical outlets nearby, you can also simply put your indoor treadmill or stair climbing machine outside on your patio for outdoor workouts. If the area is protected from the elements and theft is not an issue, you can permanently place your equipment on your porch or patio so that it will be ready to use whenever you have a chance to get in a quick workout. Alternatively, if you are using an uncovered area or have a small backyardyou might find that using portable options that can be stored when not in use might be a better option for you.