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Kcoolby 5 replies 2 threads New Member. May edited December in College Life. Hey guys, so here's my situation Me and a couple of friends from class found this test bank online for the textbook that was currently assigned for class.

So we all chipped in a few bucks and bought the test bank. We studied it the couple days before the exam, along with other class notes too. However, someone in the library saw us studying from it and informed the professor about it. He has called each one of us in to question us about it. So far everyone has denied it but today apparantly someone had confessed to the professor we were using the test bank.

So I'm not too sure if this is actually cheating or academic dishonesty. We did not steal the test bank and merely found it online. The exam had about multiple choice questions from the test bank. May edited December Post edited by Kcoolby on December May You're not cheating at all.

I've known teachers who wonder why students do so well on tests when half of there tests are problems exactly like or slightly different than the ones at the end of each chapter.

The only thing is these weren't questions from the back of the text book.


The test bank we got was one that publishers give to professors for that extra incentive to use their book. It was a bank of over questions per chapter. Is there anything I should do before the professor tries to go to the dean or something? That which is not explicitly is not allowed is allowed. It's not your problem your idiot prof doesn't write his own questions-you bought a set of questions you found online. It's the equivalent of buying a Barron's AP book for something and then the College Board accusing you of cheating because they took questions from the same Barron's book.

Xptboy replies 16 threads Member. The professor is dumb for not making his own exams but you bought a test bank that was made for the professor to use to help him create exams and know how to grade them easily, which could be cheating I guess. I have a feeling that if he takes it to the dean you could be in trouble since he is the man with power. To me, it depends on your incentive for buying the test bank. If you bought it as a study tool - fine.

If you bought it thinking that it would provide possible exam questions I consider that cheating. But no one, apart from you and your group of friends, will ever know what you were thinking.Check out our exclusive directory of extended deadlines we know about right now. Register and ask your question NOW. September edited December in Parents Forum. Please help me out guys, I am very desperate here.

T I am a college junior right now. I brought some test bank sample tests online for all my classes couple weeks ago.

I figured it would be a good way to practice and get myself ready for the upcoming mid-term exams. I did not buy them out of any intention of cheating, nor do I know if any of my professors are using them on the test. Apparently some professors use the exact same tests. I am devastated because I will not be graduating in time and because of all these Fs, I will not be receiving my scholarship next semester which means I have to be dropped out of school. The worst part is I have an identical twin sister, whom takes the same classes with me.

I tried to talk to the Dean about it; however, he is extremely rude and impatient. I have no one to talk to about this. I have tried to talked to professors, but they all pointed me to the Dean as he represent the Academic Integrity committee. I am very sad and angry now. All of them seems to be shutting their door on me, Could anyone give me some good advises as what could be my next step? I will take this to the court if necessary.

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However, where could I go to talk to somebody about this? I am completely aimless right now. I assume this will stay in my transcript which means I couldn't transfer either? Please, if anybody could help me, or gave me some organization or names that could help me I will deeply appreciate it.

September edited December Post edited by yzhou06 on December Replies to: Help! Academic probation for using test bank. September DO NOT post the sources where you bought the "sample test" but let us know the details. Some one reading this thread might have the wrong idea and got into trouble because of your disclosure. I didn't mention anybody's name, my university or where I brought the tests. I mean, I am still confused, how is using test bank considered a violation of academic integrity?

I didn't steal the test from my professor, i brought them legally as practices tests.

testbanklive reviews

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testbanklive reviews

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